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It’s always nice to wake up and find out in the Times that your job is doomed. As they put it on Saturday morning, quoting the new CEO of the so-called Newsweek Daily Beast Company, Stephen Colvin: “Newsweek.com will cease to exist after the merger, and anyone who types the URL into their…


High School Lovers

Zach Yudin just released the music video for High School Lover for his musical project Oregon Bike Trails.

“High School Lover has this great video to go along with it that totally fits the vibe of the music, kind of old school Beach Boys feeling. What’s crazy is that he’s making all of his music out of his bedroom, but he sounds so great.”
Bobby Solomon 

Listen to his other tracks on Bandcamp.

[UPDATE: This list has been refreshed! See the new one here.]

As most of you know, I post close to 100% music-related material on yvynyl. As such, I’ve subscribed to a plethora of similar blogs on the Tumblr platform and have built up a sizable list of folks who post excellent music and…


This is a little something about Microsoft’s 2012 through 2014 platform plan. As always Microsoft and I are equally unreliable.


CES 2012
Win8 + WinStore beta
Tango1 launch

MWC 2012
Tango2 SDK

MIX 2012
Win8 RC
<ONM> beta
Tango2 launch + Apollo announce
Kinect commercial SDK

E3 2012


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News and Updates!

Greetings all!

Just to update you all on the latest with easypianonotes.com,

we will be filming new lessons this week and they will be up and available in the next few days! Some of the topics we’ll be covering are the grand staff, how to read treble and bass clefs, chords, and more. The advanced lessons page will more than likely be filled with these theory related subjects.

In addition to all of the new lessons, we will be launching a new page to the site which will be basically an archive of music. This page will strictly feature lessons on how to play pieces, making it easier to get to the specific types of lessons you want to get to faster and easier.

Thanks for continually supporting us, make sure to click some advertisements as they do help us function! We are excited about these updates, stay tuned!


Ava Gardner rides a bike.


Ava Gardner rides a bike.


  1. Create a site.xml this can be a bit tricky with Tumblr [in order to generate your own], I heard of a couple of places where you can do this but I haven’t been able to get any of them working, but if your keen and want to use the one they provide it can be found here :…

Be Better…at Weather.


Be Better…at Weather.


1. http://my-piano.blogspot.com Variety of Rock and Pop. Some New Age too!

2. http://www.pianofiles.com/ A Sheet music sharing site. Email and request!

3. http://pianolicious.blogspot.com/ Variety of recent Pop and Rock hits.

4. http://www.free-scores.com/ Variety of…